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Learn about how we are protecting you!

First off, we cannot guarantee all packages are COVID19 free, while we work as hard as we can it Is virtually impossible to 100% eliminate the threat.

1. Sanitizing all surfaces- All surfaces where production is taking place are sanitized before and after each round of orders.

2. Gloves- All employees wear gloves while producing orders. This is to prevent contamination of the apparel.

3. Masks- While we know COVID19 does not survive well on clothing there is still a small chance that it may. To help prevent this employees wear masks while working near each other.

4. Clean Hands- All employees are frequently cleaning and sanitizing their hands.

5. Heat- Our garments are heat pressed from 275-400 degrees, COVID19 does not survive well in this extreme heat.

6. UVC Light- Orders that may have been touched or are going to high risk customers will be sanitized with a UVC light.

7. Individual Packaging- All apparel is individually bagged with gloves on to help protect the apparel. We place each garment in a clear plastic bag, If you garment does not arrive with one of the bags please contact customer service immediately to ensure we keep your order safe.

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